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Maria Tantra



“ Internacional Tantra practicioner and healer  in ancestral techniques of relaxation and well being.  Meditation and massage therapist "


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About me

My  name is María, and together, we are going to explore the Tantra world. Remember that our bodies are an endless source of the purest sensuality. Relax and awaken your spiritual, physical and emotional bodies through this unforgettable holistic and sensual experience. 

The sensual massage is great but I wanted to take it deeper, to blend in the principles of ancestral therapies while adding the benefits of meditative arts of energy circulation (physical, emotional and lingam).


How is Tantra Holistic Session

​ Our sessions can include:

  1.  Therapy with music, healing sounds and  mantras.

  2. Massage with obsidian crystal stones and  restorative yoga

  3. Management of sexual energy with lingam kundalini technique

  4. All the session  includes deep breathing techniques for active meditation, based on Qi gong.

  5. We are using organic oils of superior quality from France  and Latin America Palo Santo  Eucaliptus Radiada- Yliang Yliang Organic Oil Premium

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Holistic Session

Live an experience full of sensations that will relax your mind and body through the energy of sacred sensuality.

250€  - 60 mins

280€ - 90 mins



Master Holistic  Session

Designed for people who seek to extend and deepen the benefits of sensual energy and live the purest ecstasy. 

310€ -120 mins

340€ -150 mins



Private and exclusive Tantra Massage Session in your hotel or my private location:
Français- English - Español


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TANTRIC HOLISTIC SESSION is a full body massage designed to relax your mind, body and mind.

PLEASE NOTE: I propose a genuine tantric holistic session, I aim to promote an integrated and complete massage. I am not a massage parlor and do not offer sexual services, Is free of the "goal" to have an orgasm. But you are free to let go of the sensations of your body without having to worry about someone else's expectations to allow your being full of love and orgasmic to emerge.

PREPARATION: Do not eat a heavy meal before your session. Please make sure you are freshly showered before your session. Since I do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will not be tolerated and I will have to stop communications.